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Природните Закони на Здравето

© Copyright Bee Wilder, Revised May 28, 2012 to clarify recommended treatments.
  • No one gets sick from a lack of drugs!
  • Every dis-ease is the result of a cleansing and healing effort by Nature!
  • All humans are one species of animal which require a certain balance of nutrients in order to be healthy. Such nutrients must be body building, and not just to satisfy taste, hunger or energy needs.
  • Toxins/poisons create symptoms, malfunctioning organs, dis-eases and illnesses, which are “signs” the body is in poor condition.
  • You “are” what you eat! “Real food” is medicine. If a food did not exist before industrialization it isn’t “real food.”
  • Only the body can heal itself IF it is provided all of the nutrients necessary for health, and if toxins/poisons and damaging foods are eliminated.
  • Dis-ease is caused by a lack of, or an imbalance, in nutrition and a build-up of toxins and poisons.
  • In order for cell membranes to be healthy they must be constructed out of 50% saturated fat (lung cells require 100%), i.e. butter, coconut oil, lard, etc. If saturated fats are not consumed, the cell membranes will be weak.
  • “More is not better” when treating poor health conditions. Therefore treatment of individual symptoms should not be continued long-term. Treatments should only be long enough to assist the body, without overwhelming it or interfering with the nutrients on this program.
  • The body will slow or stop the healing processes if it becomes overwhelmed or confused with treatments, i.e. too many different kinds at one time, treatments continued over long periods of time, too high of an amount, treatments that are too harsh or invasive, etc., even if such treatments are natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Treatments should not interfere with nutrients and the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes, which includes accupuncture or accupressure, chiropractic treatments, baths that are not too hot, reflexology, sun exposure, homeopathy and the following:
    • Dry Skin Brushing
    • Mild Forms of Exercise
    • Coffee Enemas
    • Massages
    • Palming
    • Deep Breathing Exercises
    • Thump your thymus gland to stimulate it. The thymus gland is an important part of Lymphatic System, which helps the body detoxify itself. It is located underneath the top of the breast bone. To thump it, use your knuckles and thump gently but firmly on the top of your breast bone – see this image of the Immune System for its location. Gently thump about 10 times in a row. Do this a few times a day to wake up your thymus gland.
  • The body naturally cleanses itself and gets rid of heavy metals and other poisons if it is provided with enough “good” fats from animal sources and/or unrefined coconut oil. which are mainly saturated fats, along with fat soluble vitamins A, D and E, Omega 3, and other nutrients that work together with fats such as protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.—all nutrients work together.
  • Symptoms anywhere in the body, or in a specific organ, are “not” the dis-ease. Symptoms are “signs” the body lacks nutrition, is out of balance nutritionally and/or it has too many toxins that are poisoning it, or because of stress or injury. Therefore the “cause” must be treated, and not the symptom (sign) of dis-ease. In other words, the organs are not causing dis-ease, so they should not be treated. Organs only malfunction because of the “true causes” of dis-ease, and not because they suddenly stop functioning normally.
  • Hormones treatments are powerful substances that have a great effect on the functioning of the body, and they should not be used, even if they are from bio–available or natural sources—only the nutrients on this program and eliminating toxins increases the health of any organs or areas of the body involved in producing hormones.
  • Inflammation and infection are not dis-ease. They simply mark the location and the method through which Nature is trying her best to discharge toxins and waste materials. Treatment of inflammation and infection must not interfere with Nature healing efforts.
  • Stimulants and tonics can be overdone, burn up vital energy in the body, and result in weakness and fatigue, which interferes with healing. Tonics include herbs and drinks such as Kombucha tea, Kefir, caffeine (coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.) that are intended to strengthen or stimulate the body but they have the opposite effect when the person is unhealthy. “More is not better,” since it is mainly the correct combination of nutrients that builds up health at a cellular level so the body can become able to heal and detoxify itself naturally.
  • Germs cannot be the cause of dis-ease. Germs are created by the body itself in order to “clean up” toxins and waste materials just like germs do in Nature, i.e. the compost heap. If the germ theory of dis-ease were true we would ALL have ALL germs/bugs ALL of the time since they are everywhere, and life on Earth couldn’t have happened.
  • If the germ theory of disease were true then no one would be able to stop having symptoms caused by germs since they would constantly be re-infecting themselves.

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